The Rhino HIT Kit™

The Rhino HIT Kit is used to record damage to buried facilities such as fiber cables, pipelines, electrical lines and more.

Available in colors to match utility types, the HIT Kit comes in a convenient carrying case and provides a consistent photographic means of reporting underground utility hits and near-misses.

In addition, in accordance with CGA Excavation Best Practice 5-11, the HIT Kit should be used to document the excavation site BEFORE digging takes place.

The Rhino HIT Kit is available in:

  • English
  • French / English

HIT Kit options include:

  • Location Identification Kit (includes 4” x 12” white board and erasable pen)
  • Additional Mark Posts
  • Additional Damage Posts
  • Additional Stands
  • Additional Aluminum Spikes
  • Additional Rulers (36” or optional 1 Meter)
  • Additional Bags (regular or XL)


Use the complimentary
Damage Information Reporting Form
to record vital statistics about underground utility hits and near-misses.

Use the form as a standard reporting tool. This creates a consistent reporting format that is important in case of litigation.

Download the Damage Information Reporting Form and then submit it to the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) site. Your information will be part of a database system that tracks underground utility damages and near-misses. This information is compiled annually in the CGA DIRT Report and helps the underground industry to track progress in damage prevention efforts.Want more information about DIRT? Visit the CGA website.