The Rhino Test Station
Cathodic Protection
Tracer Wire

Rhino Marking and Protection Systems offers three different solutions to both tracer wire application and cathodic protection.

  TriView Test Station

RhinoDome Test Station
SoilMarker surface marker with terminal hook-up

Options include:

Internal or external terminals
Top and bottom terminals available
Cap lock

TriView™ Test Station and Test Station Kit

The TriView serves as a highly-visible marker post and also provides access to tracer wire and cathodic protection.

The exclusive Rhino TriView Test Station Kit allows easy connection to cathodic protection and tracer wires. Rhino will configure the lead wires and wire connections to your specific requirements. You no longer be forced to bring extra wires and connectors to a job site.

This all-in-one kit will save your company time and money, while making installation a breeze.