Hi-Temperature Coatings
Tapecoat® 6025 Gray  

Cold-applied coating in tape form for use in high temperature pipeline Tapecoat 6025 Gray High Temperature tape with a MAF? backing is designed to protect above and below ground pipe, pipe type cable, girth welds, fittings, tanks, insulated steam lines, and other metal surfaces from corrosion and electrolysis over a wide range of in-service temperatures up to as high as 250?F (121?c) in constant or peak load operating conditions. Tapecoat 6025 Gray and TC Omniprime may be applied to new pipelines and to pipelines in service operating at elevated temperatures. Composition Tapecoat 6025 Gray is composed of a specifically formulated MAF backing and a synthetic elastomeric, temperature resistant coating.
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Tapecoat HT/MB High Temperature Coating exceeds all performance criteria for prevention of corrosion of buried pipelines, pipe joints/fittings, and other metal surfaces. Tapecoat HT/MB and TC 7030 are recommended for use on high-temp pipelines with a maximum constant operating temperature of up to 310? F (154 ?C). Tapecoat HT/MB works best when used with high-temp TC 7000 Epoxy Primer. Tapecoat HT/MB is a 40 mil coating, applied with a 50% overlap, for below grade application. Tapecoat HT/MB is a cold applied, self-adhering coating that is impermeable to water and salt. An aggressive high temperature adhesive is laminated to the HT/MB polypropylene mesh backing. The woven mesh backing gives the coating added strength against soil stress. Appropriate for coating below grade pipe with operation temperatures up to 300oF. Use TC OMNIPRIME primer when operation temperatures will not exceed 180?F; use TC 7000 EPOXY as a primer for operation temperatures to 300?F.
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TC® 7000 High Temperature Epoxy

TC® 7000 High Temperature Epoxy
TC 7000 Epoxy
is a surface tolerant two component 100% solids material that replaces VOC base primers. It is manufactured to be used as a one coat wet or dry primer with Tapecoat hot and cold applied tapes. TC 7000 can also be applied as a stand alone coating for use on metal surfaces. This coating offers exceptional flowability with self leveling attributes. This product can be used above or below ground. Use as a primer prior to wrapping with Tapecoat hot or cold applied tapes. As a coating use alone as a coating on metal surfaces or use with our new polyethylene scrim wrap, which adds reinforcement and impact resistance.
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Tapecoat ® Reinforcing Scrim
TC REINFORCING SCRIM – a polypropylene cloth material used as an optional reinforcing wrap to increase the impact resistance of liquid coatings. Packaged in rolls 2", 4" and 6" x 100’.