R.W. Lyall & Company, Inc.
The LYCO® PE Ball Valve has been developed using the latest technologies for polyethylene and homo-polymer resins. This combination of quality materials and Lyall's innovative engineering team has produced the most rugged and reliable shut-off valve available on the market today.

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Molded-In-Place Ball Assembly:
By taking advantage of the excellent sealing properties of polyethylene and controlling the cooling cycle after the molding process, the LYCO® PE Valve body forms a "glove-like" seal around the "one-piece" LYCO® Ball/Stem.


Safety and ease of operation is enhanced by the large gas flow indicators located on the operating nut. Quarter turn operation informs the operator of a positive shut-off.

The low profile valve assembly is designed to fit underground valve protection boxes.

Advanced Features:
  • The LYCO® PE Ball Valve meets and/or exceeds ANSI B16.40 Specifications.
  • The "one-piece" LYCO® Ball/Stem and the 2" Operating Nut are molded from a homopolymer polyamide resin that withstands harsh chemicals and the most rigid impact and torque demands at temperature ranges from -20°F to 140°F.
  • The "one-piece" LYCO® PE Ball Valve body can be molded from either medium density PE2406 or high density PE3408 materials.
  • The compact valve design accommodates all 1/2" CTS through 2" IPS installation requirements.
  • Every LYCO® PE Ball Valve is tested at low and high pressures in a 4 step quality assurance process prior to shipment.
  • Technological advances in the Ball/Stem and Operating Nut assembly design provide greater resistance to dirt and moisture from entering the valve assembly.