Tapecoat TC ® Envirocoat ® System

Tapecoat TC ® Envirotape ® 


TC Envirotape
TC Envirotape is a 70 mil petrolatum blend, wax saturated fiber-tape for ambient to 300°F temperature application. Appropriate for coating dry or wet surfaces; particularly suited for coating fittings, flanges, valves, mechanical couplings and other irregular configurations. Recommended overcoat with TC Envirostretchwrap bellow grade, TC Enviroseal Mastic above grade or TC Wet Bound Epoxy Mastic for both above and below grade applications.
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Tapecoat TC ® Enviroprime ® 


Tapecoat TC Enviroprime
TC Enviroprime is a formulated wax paste applied by hand or brush prior to the application any of Tapecoat’s petrolatum wax tapes or coating modules. Enviroprime, fills substrate pits and cavities, displaces surface moisture and gives preferential wetting capability to the substrate prior to coating over wet or dry surfaces.
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Tapecoat TC ® Enviroseal Mastic® 


Tapecoat Enviroseal Mastic 
TC Enviroseal Mastic is a UV resistant, acrylic elastomeric, high solid, mastic. Apply over TC Envirotape to stabilize and enhance the coating when exposed to above grade environments. Colors: Gray or White. Suitable for both industrial and commercial settings such as: refineries, petrochemical plants, pulp mills, gas and water utilities where TC Envirotape is used above grade.
TC ® Envirostretchwrap ®  


TC Envirostretchwrap
TC Envirostretchwrap is a 1-mil plastic outer wrap applied over TC Envirotape prior to backfill. Envirostretchwrap provides extra mechanical strength and coating stability in a below grade environment.
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Tapecoat TC ® Flangecoat ® 


Tapecoat TC Flangecoat
TC Flangecoat is a thixotropic corrosion preventative caulking material designed to protect the flange interface and bolts from atmospheric corrosion.
As a field-proven, environmentally-safe coating TC Flangecoat is ideal for use on new and in-service flanges. It will not shrink, crack or dry out over time, this innovative 100% solids coating allows for easy re-entry and flange maintenance.
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Tapecoat TC ® Color Coat

A 60 mil, odorless wax tape. Resistant to ultra violet light and environmental exposure. The self-hardening outer skin gives this protective coating its durable and aesthetically pleasing quality.Good for above and below grade. Maximum operating temperature is 160°F.Colors: gray, white, green, blue, yellow, black; other colors available upon request.
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