Tapecoat TC® Omniprime 
TC Omniprime is a universal, solvent-based primer that meets 1996 federal standards for health and environmental safety, while demonstrating tough field-applied performance. This versatile primer can be used with cold or hot applied tapes and heat shrinkable sleeves for the corrosion protection of metal surfaces such as pipes, valves and fittings. Successful laboratory and field testing show TC Omniprime, with an Oxsol 100 solvent base, meets or exceeds performance criteria for previous Tapecoat primers and pending government air pollution regulations. Tapecoat TC? Omniprime is a liquid primer containing no known carcinogens, no hazardous air pollutants (HAP), compliant with all state and US federal volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations. Requires no Red Label Hazard warning for storage. This primer can be used with all TAPECOAT cold and hot-applied bonded tape systems, and with TAPECOAT 6025 high temperature tape when operating temperatures do not exceed 180? F.
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TC® 7000 High Temperature Epoxy 
TC 7000 Epoxy is a surface tolerant two component 100% solids material that replaces VOC base primers. It is manufactured to be used as a one coat wet or dry primer with Tapecoat hot and cold applied tapes. TC 7000 can also be applied as a stand alone coating for use on metal surfaces. This coating offers exceptional flowability with self leveling attributes. This product can be used above or below ground. Use as a primer prior to wrapping with Tapecoat hot or cold applied tapes. As a coating use alone as a coating on metal surfaces or use with our new polyethylene scrim wrap, which adds reinforcement and impact resistance.
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