The Rhino TriView™ Marker Post

The Rhino TriView Marking System's patented design provides 360°
visibility, as well as superior functionality you won't find in any other marking product.

TriView Features

• 360° visibility - see movie
• Impact resistance - see movie
• Durability
• Weather resistance: UV-stable and temperature-stable

Use the TriView marker post for new installations, or to upgrade existing fiberglass posts/U-channel posts to high visibility markers.

Use TriView's Versatility to Color Code Your Damage Prevention System Visit The TriView Advantage page and TriView Product Applications page for more


The TriView allows workers to quickly identify special elements such as:

  • Test stations
  • Vent guards
  • Pipe size
  • Valves
  • Manholes
  • Cable types
  • High consequence areas

Use these features and options to customize your marking system:

  • 9 post colors
  • 6 cap colors
  • 2 sizes of TriView allow for dual-colored markers
  • Custom decals
  • Reflective decals
  • Vinyl bands

The TriView Marker Post can also be used as:

TriView US Patents
# 7,025,016 B1
# 6,099,203
# D525721


information on the features and uses of this unique marker post.


TriView Extension for extra tall marker post

Test station

TriView Test Station

Tracer Ped

Ultimate Locate Post