Gas Meter Pulse Outputs

RIO Tronics  manufactures retrofit meter pulse products, enabling your gas meters to directly interface to most all AMR/AMI, building automation systems, energy management systems, and submetering systems.

RIO Tronics pulsers provide a true digital output, and enable connections to energy management systems and energy management controls.

Pulse devices are the smart meter technology that turn a gas meter into a smart gas meter.

RotaRead for GE – ROOTS B3 Series

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-1P series : 1/rev rotor on Elster 250 Index

RD Series -“1P-DK4” :  1/rev  for diaphragm meters

PulsePoint for Front Mount Indexes

RD Series DK4 2/rev

RD Series -“2P-DK4” : 2/rev for diaphragm meters