Tapecoat TC® Moldable Sealant 

Tapecoat TC? Moldable Sealant - Water Tight Coating for Metal, Fiberglass, and Wood Surfaces Tapecoat TC Moldable Sealant is a specially formulated, 100% solids, conformable water tight coating. Its tape form allows for a greater surface coverage in a single application. Moldable Sealant is ideal for sealing aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and plywood. Because it is a 100% solids product, it will never become brittle and crack, leaving avenues for moisture to migrate through and reach the surface intended to be protected. Moldable Sealant is a 60 mil highly conformable gray dielectric putty in tape form for ambient temperature below grade application. Use with TAPECOAT TC OMNIPRIME primer on all bare metal substrates. Appropriate for use as a seal and dielectric filler for step downs, bell and spigot joints and other irregular configurations, such as weld beads, wire connections and thermite-welds. Often used as an under coating with an over wrap of one of TAPECOAT's other cold applied tape products.
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Tapecoat ® HT Sealant 
HT SEALANT - a conformable water tight coating for irregular surfaces which may be subjected to temperatures up to 300 F (150 C).
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