Rock Shields

Tapecoat Rockshield  


TC 2025-1 rock shield is the ideal protection where pipeline coatings are subjected to rocky terrain, mountain handling, excessive abrasion and damaging backfills. This easy applied Tapecoat product cushions pipelines against abrasion, impact and penetration, so protective coatings remain intact to fight corrosion. This protective material consists of a of a 3/8" closed cell polyethylene foam laminated to a 25 mil backing with 1/4" perforations 1 1/4" off center. Protecting the pipe coating by cushioning the impact of the backfill as it is reintroduced into the ditch and keeping harmful rock and debris from direct contact with the coating during and after the ditch has been closed. The Tapecoat rock shield provides superior performance and is only 25% of the weight of conventional rockshields. By readily conforming to the pipe surface, it also can be easily applied by spiral, longitudinal or cigarette wrapping. The result is a fast, trouble-free installation with a minimum of labor and equipment. TC 2025-1 is available with both a perforated or solid material in approximately 60" diameter rolls.
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Tapecoat ® Terra Pad 

Tapecoat Terra Pad is a 1/5" rockshield comprised of a diamond mesh and a geotextile felt pad heat-bonded together. The mesh net keeps large stones and backfill from contact with the pipe coating. The geotextile felt pad protects the coating by cushioning impact and minimizing intrusions of small, sharp or abrasive material. Entrapment of such harmful material can scrape and damage the coating even after backfill. Because Terra Pad allows the flow of liquid and gases, it becomes a complementary part of the cathodic protection system.

Pipesaver 200 
Flexible polyethylene diamond mesh rockshield with a flat side for contact with pipe. 3.5 diamonds per inch, easy to apply longitudinally or by cigarette wrap method.
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